Masao TANIGUCHI - 谷口政夫


also known as:

  • Shôgun - 将軍
  • Shohgun - 将軍
  • Shougun - 将軍

japanese pornstar / AV actor

porn/AV activity: debut date unknown - still active

current age: around 34 years old


birthplace: Japan Japan

astrological sign: unknown

measurements: unknown

height: 170 cm (= 5'7")

weight: 63 kg (= 139 lb)

penis size: unknown

blood type: unknown


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title original title code studio distributor date
Top Tier Amateurs - Sublimely Sensitive! 50 Tiny-Titted Beauties, 8 Hour BEST Collection S級素人 感度抜群!微乳美女50人8時間BEST supa-011 S-Kyû Shirôto S-kyû Shirôto 2016-05-27


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as performer

15 web contents in database for this male pornstar
title original title code network website date
Bikyonyû Bi MAN no Shirôto-chan to HAMEppanashi Fuck :: Nami Suzuki 美巨乳美マンの素人ちゃんとハメっぱなしFuck::鈴木奈美 121614_940 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2014-12-16
Getting fu**ed in front of my boyfriend 10 :: Erika 彼氏の目の前で彼女が!?Part10 素人エリカ 072511-760 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS caribbeancom 2011-07-25
Getting fu**ed in front of my boyfriend 11 :: Kanami Mita 彼氏の目の前で彼女が!?Part11 素人かなみ 112811-871 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS caribbeancom 2011-11-28
Getting fu**ed in front of my boyfriend 8 Part2 :: Miyu 彼氏の目の前で彼女が!?Part8 後編 素人美優 020711-613 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS caribbeancom 2011-02-07
Getting fu**ed in front of my boyfriend 9 :: Manami 彼氏の目の前で彼女が!?Part9 素人真奈美 040411-661 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS caribbeancom 2011-04-04
GURADOLL vol.072 DEKASAN :: Atsuko Watari グラドル vol.072 デカサン::渡あつ子 051111_091 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2011-05-11
GURADOLL vol.077 DEKASAN :: Kazumi Saijo グラドル vol.077 デカサン::西条一美 092111_179 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2011-09-21
GURADOLL vol.078 Haikyo ni Miserarete :: Emiko Shinoda グラドル vol.078 廃墟に魅せられて::篠田英美子 102611_202 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2011-10-26
GURADOLL vol.086 :: Kei Mizushima グラドル vol.086::水嶋ケイ 051812_341 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2012-05-18
Kareshi no Me no Mae de Kanojo ga !? Part7 Shirôto Miki 彼氏の目の前で彼女が!?Part7 素人美貴 090810-475 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS caribbeancom 2010-09-08
Monster Couple :: Ryo モヤモヤモンスターズカップル りょう 042609-045 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS caribbeancom 2009-04-26
MUCHA-Buri ! SUGIYAMA Asami :: Asami Sugiyama ムチャぶり! 杉山麻美::杉山麻美 120112_484 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2012-12-01
SUJIMmusume Club Kaiin No.12 :: Mchiru スジッ娘倶楽部 会員No.12::みちる 081711_157 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2011-08-17
Tokimeki - Enkaku Sôsa de Kanojo to PUCHI Roshutsu Sanpo - :: Shiori Yamate ときめき 〜遠隔操作で彼女とプチ露出散歩〜::山手栞 062714_834 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2014-06-27
Yaki MOCHI H wa Itsumo Yori Hageshii :: Kaede ooshiro 焼きモチHはいつもより激しい::大城かえで 020514_750 DREAMROOM PRODUCTIONS 1pondo 2014-02-05
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