Mai Lin


also known as:

  • Lily Wong
  • Mai Lynn
  • Mai Lynn
  • Mai Tai
  • Mai-Lin
  • Mailin
  • May Lin
  • Miki Moto
  • Miko Moto

western asian pornstar

porn/AV activity: 1977 - 1999

started around 23~24 years old | stopped around 45~46 years old

current age: 65 years old


birthplace: United States of America United States of America, California, Oakland

astrological sign: Cancer

measurements: FR 84-58-86 (US 33-23-34)

cup size: A

height: unknown

weight: unknown

blood type: unknown

tags: asian hall of fame


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167 movies in database for this female pornstar

title original title code studio distributor date
1001 Erotic Nights Essex Video 1982-00-00
After Midnight Coast To Coast 1992-00-00
All About Annette Essex Video 1982-00-00
All the King's Ladies Superior 1982-00-00
All The Way In VCA VCA 1984-00-00
Amanda by Night 1 Caballero Home Video 1981-00-00
Amber's Desires Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
American Desire Caballero Home Video 1981-00-00
American Dream Girls 2 Leisure Time Entertainment 1996-00-00
Anal Asians Pleasure Productions 1992-00-00
Anal Delights 2 Rosebud 1992-00-00
Anal Thrills Rosebud 1992-00-00
Asian Sluts Alpha Blue Archives 2004-00-00
Battle of the Stars 1 Now Showing Inc. 1985-00-00
Beauty VCA 1982-00-00
Bedtime Video 1 Gourmet Video Collection 1984-00-00
Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco LA Video 1985-00-00
Best Of Gail Palmer Entertainment World 1981-00-00
Best Of Oriental Anal 1 Rosebud 1994-00-00
Between Lovers Caballero Home Video 1983-00-00
Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Video Home Library 1981-00-00
Black 'n White In Color VCR 1987-00-00
Black In The Saddle Zane Entertainment Group 1990-00-00
Black Mystique Metro 1986-00-00
Blazing Redheads TGA Video 1980-00-00
Blonde VCX 1980-00-00
Blonde Next Door Metro 1982-00-00
Blue Vanities 271 Blue Vanities 1997-00-00
Blue Vanities 42 Blue Vanities 1988-00-00
Blue Vanities 54 Blue Vanities 1988-00-00
Blue Vanities 69 Blue Vanities 1988-00-00
Blue Vanities S-614 Blue Vanities 1996-00-00
Blue Vanities S-624 Blue Vanities 1999-00-00
Boobs Butts And Bloopers 2 Filmco Releasing 1990-00-00
Bunz Eye Rosebud 1992-00-00
Burma Road 3 L.B.O. Entertainment L.B.O. Entertainment 2002-00-00
Campus Capers TGA Video 1982-00-00
Chicks: No Dicks Erotic Video Network 1991-00-00
Chills Las Vegas Video 1989-00-00
China Bitch Paradise Visuals 1989-00-00
China Girl Venus 99 1991-00-00
China Girl (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1991-00-00
Cracked Ice Pipeline Video Company 1976-00-00
Crammin' Cuties VCA 1981-00-00
Dancers VCX 1981-00-00
DDD-lightfully Yours Unknown 1992-00-00
Debi Does Girls Pleasure Productions 1992-00-00
Deep Throat 4 Arrow Productions 1990-00-00
Deep Throat 5 Arrow Productions 1991-00-00
Desire VCX 1983-00-00
Diamond Collection Double X 9 CDI Home Video 1987-00-00
Dirty Dozen 2 CDI Home Video 1987-00-00
Disoriented Vivid 1992-00-00
Double Dare Essex Video 1986-00-00
Edible Vegetables Erotic Video Network 1988-00-00
Eighth Erotic Film Festifal Unknown 1984-00-00
Endless Passion Limelight Video 1985-00-00
Erotic Dimension Now Showing Inc. -
Femme Fatale Vista Video 1984-00-00
Flaming Tongues 2 Lipstik Video 1988-00-00
Fortune Cookie Nookie Essex Video 1986-00-00
Girl Games Pleasure Productions 1987-00-00
Girlfriends (II) Gourmet Video Collection 1983-00-00
Going Wild Unknown 1982-00-00
Gourmet Quickies 24 Gourmet Video Collection 1985-00-00
Hot Cargo Associated Video Group 1990-00-00
Hot Ones Superior 1984-00-00
Huge Bras 3 Western Visuals 1985-00-00
Hyapatia Lee's Secret Dreams Electric Hollywood 1986-00-00
I Love a Girl in a Uniform VCA 1989-00-00
Inspirations Caballero Home Video 1982-00-00
Interlude of Lust Caballero Home Video 1981-00-00
International Battle of the Superstars Caballero Home Video 2006-00-00
Irresistible TVX 1982-00-00
Irresistible 2 Essex Video 1986-00-00
Karate Girls VCR 1986-00-00
Lesbionic Woman Bikini 1991-00-00
Lip Service Bikini 1987-00-00
Lost in Lust Gourmet Video Collection 1985-00-00
Lottery Fever AVC 1986-00-00
Love From The Backside CDI Home Video 1989-00-00
Lovin' Spoonfuls 1 4-Play Video 1987-00-00
Lusty Ladies 7 Film Collectors 1984-00-00
Macho Women Now Showing Inc. 1984-00-00
Mai Lin Versus Serena HIFCOA 1980-00-00
Many Shades Of Amber Limelight Video 1986-00-00
Marathon Caballero Home Video 1983-00-00
Moments Of Love Caballero Home Video 1983-00-00
Moo Goo Gai Poon Vivid 1993-00-00
Muffmania 5 Totally Tasteless 1999-00-00
Nasty Lady Metro 1984-00-00
National Pornographic 2 4-Play Video 1987-00-00
No Holes Barred Hot 'n Hard 1991-00-00
Object Of Desire Gourmet Video Collection 1979-00-00
Olympix Affair Gourmet Video Collection 1984-00-00
One Night at a Time Paradise Visuals 1984-00-00
One Night in Bangkok Caballero Home Video 1985-00-00
Only The Best Of Barbara Dare Metro 1990-00-00
Only The Best Of Debbie Metro 1991-00-00
Oriental Affair Unknown -
Oriental Hawaii Caballero Home Video 1982-00-00
Oriental Lesbian Fantasies LA Video 1984-00-00
Oriental Madam TGA Video 1977-00-00
Oriental Spice Essex Video 1989-00-00
Oriental Temptations Vista Video 1984-00-00
Oriental Temptations (new) Golden Age Media 2005-00-00
Oriental Treatment 2 Arrow Productions 1990-00-00
Outrageous Orgies 3 Wet Video 1988-00-00
Peepholes AVC 1982-00-00
Physical 2 Superior 1985-00-00
Place Beyond Shame VEP VEP 1980-00-00
Pleasure Hunt 2 Now Showing Inc. 1985-00-00
Pleasure Zone Essex Video 1983-00-00
Prisoner of Paradise VCX 1980-00-00
Rambone the First Time Jack-O-Heart 1985-00-00
Rated Sex Essex Video 1986-00-00
Return of Johnny Wadd Penguin Productions 1986-00-00
Return Of Johnny Wadd (new) Erotic Video Network 1993-00-00
Rock Hard LA Video 1985-00-00
Rolls Royce 6 Unknown 1980-00-00
Sex Game Essex Video 1986-00-00
Sex Life Of A Porn Star Essex Video 1986-00-00
Sex O Gram LA Video 1986-00-00
Sex Wars Excalibur Films 1985-00-00
Sexcapades VCA 1983-00-00
Sexual Heights Alpha Blue Archives 1980-00-00
Sexual Odyssey VCA 1985-00-00
Shanghai Girls Horizon 1984-00-00
Sharon Mitchell Non-stop Vidco Entertainment 1989-00-00
Silk Satin Sex Essex Video 1983-00-00
Skin on Skin Metro 1980-00-00
Skintight Caballero Home Video 1981-00-00
Sorority Pink 2 Metro 1989-00-00
Specialist Filmco Releasing 1990-00-00
Spoiled Rich Coast To Coast 1989-00-00
Street Heat VCA 1985-00-00
Superstars Of Porn 1 Metro 1985-00-00
Superstars Of Porn 2 Metro 1985-00-00
Suzie Superstar 1 Cal Vista Classics VCX 1983-00-00
Swedish Erotica 15 Caballero Home Video 1981-00-00
Swedish Erotica 30 Caballero Home Video 1981-00-00
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 10 Caballero Classics 2003-00-00
Swedish Erotica 57 Caballero Home Video 1984-00-00
Swedish Erotica 84 (new) Caballero Home Video 2007-00-00
Swedish Erotica Hard 17 Odyssey 1993-00-00
Swedish Erotica Hard 2 Odyssey 1992-00-00
Sweet Cheeks VCR L.B.O. Entertainment 1986-00-00
Sweet Dreams Unknown 1986-00-00
Taboo 7 Metro 1989-00-00
Taste Of Taija Rae Pink Video 1990-00-00
That's Outrageous Caballero Home Video 1983-00-00
Three Men And A Geisha Filmco Releasing 1990-00-00
To Man From Woman Blue Video Productions 1982-00-00
Tribute To The King 2 VCX 2002-00-00
Triple Dare LA Video 1988-00-00
Triple Xposure Vidco Entertainment 1986-00-00
Undulations VCA 1980-00-00
Unveiled VCA 1986-00-00
Up The Ying Yang Erotic Video Network 1991-00-00
Video Girls Lipstik Video 1985-00-00
Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers Gourmet Video Collection 1989-00-00
Wet Pink Pleasure Productions 1992-00-00
When Love Came To Town Erotic Video Network 1989-00-00
Wicked Sensations 1 Dreamland Entertainment 1980-00-00
Woman's Dream Boccaccio 100 1980-00-00
Yamahama Mamas Unknown 1983-00-00
Yellow Fever LA Video 1984-00-00


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